Shooting Star Meaning [Symbolism In Different Cultures]

Did you see a shooting star last night and think about what it means in spirituality? Then You are in the right place. Here we will learn shooting star meaning & its symbolism.

Since ancient times shooting stars have been considered as a good sign. Seeing Shooting star can have different meaning in different cultures.

In this article of shooting Star meaning, we’ll delve into the cultural beliefs, symbolism, and spiritual meaning behind the phenomena.

From making a wish upon their passing to the scientific explanation for their existence. Shooting Stars are more then just meteors, they’re a source of inspiration and hope.

What Does It Mean When You See A Shooting Star?

Shooting Stars has amazed the people since ancient times and light up the flame of curiosity in them. What exactly is the meaning of Shooting star? Similar to the spiritual symbolism for the sun, Different cultures have different beliefs of seeing a shooting star.

Some make wishes to it beliving that their wish will come true while some consider it to be a good luck sign. Here are few meanings when you see a Shooting Star.

A New Soul Is Coming

We don’t get to see shooting stars, every day. Many people believe that witnessing even a single shooting star can be very lucky. 

In some culture shooting star means that a new soul is comming to the earth in other words a baby is being borned

In many culture it is believed that seeing a Shooting star means that a soul has been freed from purgatory and now it can go to the heaven. 

Your Life Will Change

If you see a shooting star it means that your life is going to take a drastic change (in a positive way). You will succeed in everything you are doing. So you need to hurry up, decide and take action, because success is waiting for you.

You Will Get What You Want

The most common myth or meaning of shooting star is that you will get what you want. Most cultures in the world believe that shooting star implifies the existence of god and fulfils the wish. So if you want money then say the word “money” three times before the star disappears. And if you want love then say “Love” three times and your wish will be granted.

A Soul- Sign

According to some old legends Shooting star means that there is afterlife. And your ancestor are still open to spiritual communication and are watching over you.

Telling The Weather

When there was no internet and weather forecast, Stars were the only way to tell the weather. In some cultures people can tell just by looking at the stars and moons, how the weather is going to be.

A Way For Sailors To Find Their Way

Stars have been the the natural compass for sailors and fisher mans. They can tell where the wind is blowing just by looking at the shooting star. These methods have been used by people since ancient times. They believed that if you ever lost your ways stars will tell you where to go.

Meet Someone you love

In few culture, it is believed that Shooting star brings luck and love. It is belived that the person who has seen the shooting star is said to meet with the person he/she is destined with.

Meaning And Superstition Of Shooting Star In Different Cultures

Meaning Of Shooting Star In Different Culture

The Shooting stars have captured the attention of man people. They are often associated with different meaning and superstitions, depending on the culture and history.

Here are the meaning of Shooting Star according to different culture:-

Western Culture

Wishes and Good Luck:- In many Western cultures it is believed that the shooting star can grant you a wish. If you make wish to the shooting star your wish will come true. The tradition is associated with hope and good luck.

Ancient Greece

Messenger from god:- In ancient Greece they were considered as the messenger of god. The shooting star meaning that the god is sending a message to the mortal world.

Native American Tribes

Soul Departure:- Few American tribes believed that the Shooting star means that a soul has been departed to the afterlife. It was considered as a spiritual event and was associated with the passing of loved one.

Chinese Culture

Harbingers of Change:- In Chinese culture Shooting star was assosiated with the changes and upheaval. They are seen as a symbol of change and their appearance can be taken as the sign of transformation.

Indian Culture

Superstitions for marriage:- In india, especially in some hindu traditions it is considered that if the bride and groom see shooting star on the day of wedding then it will bring love, happiness, and prosperity to their life.

Hawaiian Culture

Laboratory Events:- In Hawaiian culture, the appearance of a shooting star is seen as a huge event and a cause for joy. The arrival of shooting star is often celebrated with a luau and other festivities.

Japanese Culture

Fulfillment Of Wishes:- In Japanese culture, it is believed that witnessing a shooting star means that a wish will come true. In Japan is a tradition to make a wish when you see a shooting star and it will come true.

What Does Shooting Star Symbolysis?

shooting star meaning and symbolism can vary from person to person and culture to culture. Seeing a shooting star can have many symbolism such as:-

  • Change:- If you witness a shooting star that means something big is going to happen in your life. Shooting stars are said to bring big changes that can turn your entire life upside down.
  • Luck:- One of the biggest old customs is to make a wish when you see shooting star. If you make a wish on shooting star then it will come true and bring you good luck.
  • Fertility:- In many cultures around the world, seeing a shooting star is a sign of fertility in women. Many culture believes that if a coupon stands below the sky and a star falls then they will conceive.
  • Love:- Witnessing a shooting star means that love is coming to your life. You will soon meet your soulmate, who you are destined with.

Is Seeing Shooting Star Good Luck Or Bad Luck?

Seeing a Shooting star is generally considered good luck. Mostly in all cultures Shooting stars is associated with love, luck and happiness.

What Is The Meaning Of Shooting Star In Dreams?

When you watch a shooting star in your dreams it also means that your one wish will come true or you will meet someone special soon. 

Final Words For Shooting Star Meaning

Different cultures have different meanings for a shooting star. In many cultures, it is believed that shooting star is the message sent by some who died.

It is assumed that witnessing a shooting star means that your ancestor wants to tell you that you are not alone.

In ancient times people also thought that shooting stars can tell you what kind of harvest would be this year. Similarly it was also believed that the shooting stars can also help people find their way

Few cultures also believed that the shooting stars are the souls that have been released from purgatory and are going to heaven. Few also believed that the shooting stars also meant that a new baby is coming to earth.

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