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We are a pan-industry alliance of ship owners, managers, manning agents, insurers and welfare associations, working together with one aim:

"to assist seafarers and their families with the humanitarian aspects of a traumatic incident caused by a piracy attack, armed robbery or being taken hostage."

Seafarer Help

...the lifeline for seafarers.


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Latest News

Our website is regularly updated with the latest news on Maritime Piracy and MPHRP activities from around the world. This includes news of incidents, success stories involving seafarers getting home safely and reports on the work of MPHRP and other anti piracy organisations.

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Support for Families

A key part of our work is to provide support and advice, not only for seafarers, but also their families.

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The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Fund (MPHRF) is for the MPHRP or other welfare organisations to provide financial assistance to seafarers and/or their immediate family members who are directly affected by piracy and armed robbery.


Courses and Training

The programme has produced a series of training modules and resources for shipping companies, manning agents, seafarers and those who provide Welfare Response to seafarers and families.

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The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme presents its series of Good Practice Guides for Shipping Companies and Manning Agents for the Humanitarian Support of Seafarers and their Families involved in Piracy incidents.

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22 January 2015

Violent Crime Against Seafarers

Complacency and simple acts of humanitarian support. The MPHRP highlights the hardship inflicted upon seafarers and families.

12 January 2015

Africa Manning & Training Conference

MPHRP has secured a speaking engagement at the Informa Africa Manning & Training Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, in March 2015.

8 December 2014

MPHRP mourns the death of another seafarer due to piracy

The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has responded to the latest Pirate Attack as a Vietnam bitumen tanker has been attacked and a crew member murdered.

8 December 2014

Outrage at EU decision

The European Union Court for Human Rights has penalised the French military and awarded compensation to pirates for a 48 hours delay in bringing the accused before a judge.

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